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Let's Cha-cha forward

Are you the woman who knows you have a lot to give to your family, your community, the world? Others tell you how smart, insightful, talented, innovative, funny, warm and trustworthy you are and yet you can't move past the self-doubt you feel

I, too, have been working on my own self-image and belief my whole life. Always wanting to play bigger and yet questioning myself. The Cha-cha has been my dance and i have come to reallize that my opinions and expectations of myself have worked both for me and against me.

Have you ever seen the play or movie, "My Fair Lady"? It is a fabulous example of how one's belief can play a significant part in our future. In the adaptation, Professor Higgins changes Eliza Dootlittle from an unclutured flower girl inta a polished lady, through his own belief in his abitlity to influence Eliza's behavior. And she came to believe that she was a 'Lady'.

People can have an influence in our lives by communicating either a postive or negative expecation and we receive it as the 'truth'. It can either work for us or against us.

The opinions and expectations we hold for ourselves can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. We behave and act like the person we believe ourselves to be.

Playing bigger in the world is about learning how to use your voice to lean us toward what we want.

Here are a few tips to help you Cha-cha forward:

1. Think of a positive person that has influenced you.

2. What have they said to you that puts a smile on your face

3. Journal all the positive beliefs you have.

What 3 dreams do you want to bring about in your life?

Go for your dreams boldly and you will begin to feel more confidence, tap into your inner wisdom, empower your communications and have a greater sense that you are 'enough'.

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