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What does your 'Foundation of Health' look like?

A couple of weeks ago we talked about the challenges of knowing what is really in your supplements and the recall of products that did NOT contain what the label said was in the product. So what do you do?

I did my homework many years ago to find the one company that really 'walked their talk'. My family was suffering from allergies, asthma, cravings and lack of energy. Little did I know that 90% of Americans are lacking key nutrients from their diets. So, today it is actually a necessity to supplement your daily food intake because it is definitely challenging to get your 6-9 daily servings of 'clean' fruits and vegetables.

If you could actually start feeling better by using a supplement pack in 30 days OR get your money back, would you try it? I like to think of this as a great foundation that you can build your house of health on. We all lead busy lives and having a great supplement pak to grab knowing that you are getting the nutrients you need to help fill in your dietary gaps builds confidence.

VITALIZER, the most advanced multinutrient supplement pack in the marketplace today is what I take daily. Vitalizer is the place to start. Actually, adding more veggies, as we discussed above, is also important…and then add the Vitalizer Strip!

Notice that I included here a picture of all the different kinds of foods we would need to eat each day. And not only the quantity would be almost impossible but the time it would take to prepare, consume and afford.

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