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Getting Started: First 48 Hours

1. Download the Shaklee Connect App (in the app store)

2. Head to Shaklee University: Start Now (You must log in to your Shaklee account in order to access Shaklee University. After you log in, click on "My Business", click on "Tools", and then scroll to the bottom to find Shaklee University.)

3. Click on Course Library for modules.

3. Complete Module 1: “Setting Up Your Business” and follow prompts including setting up personal website (PWS).

4. Complete Module 2: “Getting Started” and print out the steps to getting started. Think about:

  • What do you want?

  • Your why?

  • How? Lots of conversations within homes and 3 way calls.

5. Complete Module 3: “Build a Team”  and complete the “Dreams and Goals Form” in Shaklee University’s “Dreams” section.

6. Become your first customer. Set up an Autoship for at least 100PV.

7. Begin making a list in 2 sections: Those who may be interested in the products and those who may be interested in the business opportunity.

8. Schedule your first strategy session with your up-line leader.

Elena, Shaklee, New Mexico,
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