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Members and Distributors that are a part of the Giacomin Dennis Group are invited to earn a FREE bottle of Shaklee’s Stress Relief Complex, a natural stress relief you can take safely every day.  


Stress can elevate your body's levels of cortisol and continuously high levels of cortisol has been linked to belly fat and other long-term health consequences. Stress Relief Complex blunts the impact of cortisol in your body.  

Listen to any 6 videos in just 31 days. You may just want to learn about a specific subject. We welcome you to explore, listen and learn.

The videos are sorted by topic (click link to watch):

Shaklee History and Future                     Why We Age/Prevention 

Shaklee Science                                       Healthy Nutrition Babies, Kids, Teens

Women and Men                                     Nutritional Support to Diseases 

Sports Nutrition                                       Healthy Beauty 

Healthy Home                                          Business Strategy 

Each video contains a downloadable Evaluation Form allowing you to comment on the video selected. Complete the document and email it to me or your Shaklee Distributor.

We believe that every small effect you make in your life can have a big effect.  Be Part of the Effect .

Elena, Shaklee, New Mexico, elenagd.com
Elena, Shaklee, New Mexico, elenagd.com
Elena, Shaklee, New Mexico, elenagd.com